Anne and Chris – Rockabilly Wedding

26th April, 2017 |

Last summer I was asked to photograph a wedding in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, it was an intimate wedding but it had a theme that all the guests embraced, a rockabilly wedding!
On arrival, it was immediately obvious who the guests where as soon as they left their cars, there were petticoats and turn ups where ever I looked and everyone looked amazing. The bride and groom looked amazing also and after many years together, it was an emotional ceremony when they finally tied the knot.
On to the first part of the reception, we headed to a pub in the country that was set alongside a canal, it was an intimate and welcoming pub, the food was amazing and the staff were brilliant, they even allowed me to climb up to a part of the roof where I got a great group shot.

After the meal we went onto our third location where the party was at, the cake looked amazing and there was some really lovely personal touches to the decor and details all put together by Anne, to top it all off, Anne’s cousin sang the first song, it was beautiful and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! A lovely wedding for a lovely family.
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