Balancing Act – Photographing children

26th April, 2017 |

For the past few months I have studying towards my MA in Photography and as part of this I have been photographing children. I feel as though I am a bit mad in taking this course on when trying to run my business and look after two small children full time. But isn’t the current buzz word flexible working? The course is making me a better photographer and is helping me to refine my style, which I am finding incredibly beneficial and rewarding at the same time. As part of my practical work I have been photographing my children. I love taking pictures, I love my job and wanted to combine my love for documentary photography with my home life.
The project is ever evolving and I am fortunate to be working with some great people on the course, but I also need some feedback from the public. What are your thoughts about how we photograph our children and share those images on social media? I don’t want to explain too much about the works at the moment as I would like a subjective view.
Are these the kind of images that you would see on social media, or in a gallery, or in a photo book? Or even all of those?


Feedback would be fabulous! Many Thanks 🙂

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