BEST OF 2019…

31st January, 2020 |

I’m a little behind on blogging all of my 2019 weddings, I know, I’m sorry!! But, I have made a run down of my favourite 200 ish images from 2019.

It was a mad year, and began with the most emotional wedding I have ever had the privilege to shoot at. I was then taken to a bunch of new venues I haven’t worked at before, which is always lovely. I’ve had crazy weddings, quiet weddings and full of love weddings. But mostly, I have had the best time! Met some amazing people, guests, brides, grooms and other wedding vendors.
I can’t stress that every wedding is different, the people make wedding what it is, the guests, the bridal party and those putting it all together for you.

Who will make the 2020 shortlist??

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