Cat and Rob – Alternative Wedding

3rd January, 2019 |

I first met Cat and Rob last winter and I knew their alternative wedding day was going to be amazing and different. Firstly, beside all the amazing plans they had and the ever growing guest list. I instantly fell in love with Cat’s amazing Irregular Choice shoe collection, there is a dedicated room and everything, and we are the same size. So I knew the wedding shoes were going to be brilliant.
The wedding took place in a the gorgeous Abington Park Church, right at the centre of Abington Park in Northampton. There were just over 200 guests in the church and it was buzzing. Rob’s dad played guitar as they signed the register, which was a lovely sentiment.
We then had the longest confetti line I have ever done, it was colourful and loud and brilliant. This then led us to the drinks ceremony in Abington Park, Cat’s brother had a big tent, Cat had a temporary licence and they had their own pub in Abington park. What a great idea for a alternative wedding. It was bank holiday weekend and the weather was on our side. The park was busy and a band occupied the bandstand for the afternoon. The band also played Cat and Rob a song, so they had their real first dance in front of hundreds on the park. It was lovely.

As the guests enjoyed their drinks, we spotted a fair across the road that looked great for some photos, Cat and Rob were up for it and so we headed over. It was so good and we had a great time going on all the rides, Cat completely relaxed about her wedding dress. After we went all 50s with the fair photos, we headed back to where a double decker bus was collecting their guests to take them to The Aviator at Sywell for the reception.

The little details of the day were all tied in so well, the tiny aircraft pins the groomsmen wore went so well with the venue and the venue was a huge reflection on both of their personalities. Being fans of Disney and Star Wars, there were paper-craft X-wing planes from Star Wars and the wedding cake was inspired by the film ‘Up’. They had a dressing up corner for a photo-booth with costumes from each of the films and their favourite band created a banner above the stage, inspired by the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ Dance banner from ‘Back to the Future’. The room looked great and you could see how much work they had put in to make it completely personal.


Love this wedding!

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