Family Photo Sessions

10th May, 2017 |

So, I also take on family photo sessions . I totally love working outside and I feel that with children, they are at their best when they are playing and having fun in a familiar location. So this is why I choose to shoot in locations that are familiar and fun for the whole family. I introduce myself to everyone (if we haven’t already met) and give them all a chance to relax a little before I start shooting.
I often find that the children get used to me really quickly and can forget that I am taking pictures, which is ultimately what I want to achieve. Real, honest images of you and your children having real fun, and smiling and laughing as a result of this.

I photograph my own kids all the time, so I know that there are days when they just don’t want to be photographed, don’t want to play or are just feeling a bit under the weather or shy. I completely get this, and if things aren’t going our way, I am happy to re-schedule or wait a little longer to see if we can get the images you want, rather than get a few half hearted ones.

If these are the kind of images that you are after, give me a call or contact me through the contact page and we’ll get back to you with some ideas for fun locations!

Below are just a couple of the images I took at Abington Park in Northampton with the lovely Gemma and her two gorgeous boys. And Jocelyn and Dan with their beautiful daughter at Horwood House.


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