G + G – South Farm Wedding

16th April, 2020 |

Grace and Guy’s wedding at South Farm, Royston was really beautiful. I had shot at South farm a couple of months previously, and the landscape really changes with each season. It’s just such a beautiful venue, and I’d highly recommend having a visit, if you haven’t been there before. It’s a working farm so they grow most of their own produce, which is brilliant. They also have animals that you can pet, which is usually a huge hit with the guests. It’s a lovely, homely very chilled environment, and the staff are really very welcoming.

Anyway, back to the gorgeous Grace and Guy, they are such lovely couple, I met up with them a few times before the wedding and we got on so well, I immediately felt welcome and part of the wedding.
They’re so in love, and the ceremony was just so emotional, they wrote their own vows, which I don’t always see a lot of these days. It was beautiful and there was a lot of happy tears. It was quite sweet, that apparently they didn’t even notice me in the gazebo with them.
They have got brilliant family and friends were a lovely bunch of people and so funny.

Grace is a woman after my own heart and wore pink trainers as her wedding shoes, amazing, cute and super comfy! Don’t get me wrong, I love my shoes, you guys know this by now, surely? But I am getting to a point in my life where I can no longer last too long in 5 inch heels, you are more likely to find me in a pair of converse these day, sparkly gold ones though!

Grace and Guy’s wedding was really relaxed, they did a lot of the decor themselves and did a great job in doing so, the peony’s looked so beautiful against the baby blue too!

In the evening, things got a little mad on the dance floor and Guy’s friends likened themselves to the band FIVE, ooooh yes!! It was hilarious!

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