I’m studying, again!

15th March, 2017 |

In January I made the decision to begin an MA in Photography. I have wanted to do it since graduating my with my BA 12 years ago. But I somehow always put it off. After 12 years in the industry and teaching photography for almost 8 years, I decided it was time.
I am loving it so far and it is already making me think more and I can see myself learning so much more (as a photographer you are constantly learning and keeping up with trends and technology all the time anyway) but this is different, good different!

As I am passionate about photographing people, documenting life, I have decided to photography my own, primarily, my children. Surprisingly as a wedding and family photographer I don’t photograph my own children very often, but since starting this course, I have been photographing them tons, not the just the joyful happy moments, but the meltdowns, the staring at the tv, the dressing up in 4 princess skirts at the same time, the raisins all over the lounge floor and the rare, quiet moments. It has been challenging but also wonderful to share these moments that so many people experience yet almost never record in such a way. I have been really inspired by the work of Sian Davey and Sally Mann so far, the way they capture their children in such a different light.
Here are some of the shots so far, early days but a working progress:

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