J + L – Swallows Nest Barn

2nd April, 2020 |

Jenny Lee’s wedding at Swallows Nest Barn was lovely. I’d met Jenny and Lee previously at Charlotte and Richard’s wedding the year before. Jenny was their bridesmaid, so we got chatting at their wedding, and just got on really well, which was really nice and they decided to book me for their wedding too, which is always a lovely compliment. And it’s always lovely to go back and visit other people that you’ve been to before and see your brides that you had before, and love.
Charlotte was pregnant heavily pregnant at Jenny’s wedding so it was really gorgeous and lovely to see that. And I even got to go and photograph Charlotte’s baby afterwards, which was which was really special. It’s really lovely to do that.

Anyway, back to Jenny Lee’s gorgeous Barn wedding. They got ready at Swallows Nest Barn and Gemma MUA did the makeup and was absolutely stunning as usual, I got some lovely pictures of the girls getting ready, the room was quite small, but there was some gorgeous mirrors in there which really opened it up.

Once the guests had arrived I headed out to the barn, oh my goodness, the barn it’s absolutely stunning. There was bunting across all of the eaves, and it was just really beautiful.

The ceremony was really nice the gorgeous little flower girls and the bridesmaids looked stunning.
We went and did the confetti outside and I really loved the way that the sky reflected in the windows outside of the barn, which looks great in the images. We then went off and did some some photos up around the grounds, the grounds were really beautiful we managed to go a little bit further than I originally thought we could. We went into one of the fields that had some long crops (wheat maybe??) growing, and we got some great shots of Jenny and Lee in there.

Later on, we took the bridesmaids back up there after everyone had a few drinks, it was really nice, they are clearly all really good mates.

Then the party got started, it was really good fun, and I got summoned onto the dance floor by Jenny, which you can probably see in one of the photos, which was pretty funny! As usual, I just felt like part of family for the day really just felt like one of the crew.

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