L + A – Humanist Ceremony

23rd April, 2020 |

A beautiful humanist ceremony set in the countryside outside the gorgeous town of Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Lucinda and Aled’s humanist ceremony took place in the middle of a field in Stamford Lincolnshire, it’s an absolutely beautiful part of the country. When I went to see Lucinda for the first time, we walked over to the site where the wedding was due to take place. And it literally was an empty field, Lucinda had such a good vision for the space that they were using and with the help of her friends and family she certainly achieved that.

Lucinda’s dad had spent months mowing the areas to make sure that the area was clear and flat for the traditional marquee, clearing the pathway for the woodland areas and creating a seating area for the ceremony, it was stunning. there were fresh flowers, lanterns hanging in the trees and accessories everywhere to make the woodland and field look absolutely stunning.
We started off at Lucinda’s house for the bridal prep, and the lovely Liza Smith was doing the makeup, she did such a lovely job on the makeup, it really accented the flower crown. And that was a really really beautiful flower crown too!

And then we headed down to the field for my very first humanist ceremony. Everyone was sat on hay bales and make shift seats, there was no dress code or such so people dressed how they felt most comfortable to spend the day in such a rural location, which was so lovely to see because everyone really did really comfortable and it just made for a really relaxing day for everybody involved. The kids were wearing some amazing clothes the gorgeous little flower crowns and even a bat girl outfit, i loved it! And as a result they they were just so relaxed and chilled and they had so much fun with the garden games. These were brilliant and even the adults were fully involved. It also made for some really fun photos, I wanted a shot of the coconut shy, so, naturally i got in good position to get good shot, the woman throwing was worried she’d hit me, and I just brushed it off, told her to aim for the coconut, but the bean bag hit me right in the forehead, which resulted us all howling with laughter. It was so funny! Tilly’s Garden Games supplied the games and the owner was there encouraging people to play, showing them how to use the games, this worked really well and broke the ice for many people. A really good idea if you are thinking of getting garden games for your wedding reception.

While the speeches were on, there was a story-teller outside for the children to keep them entertained so that they weren’t bored (speeches are the kids favourite part of the day!). This was a really lovely idea and went down really well, he told the stories around a campfire, and the atmosphere was great.

The wedding had a real festival vibe about it, people camped in the next field along, there was little electricity, campfires and they even had a double decker bus serving stone baked pizzas. It was a brilliant day, made even more special that it was my first hand-fasting humanist ceremony.

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