M + L – The Great Barn Aynho

29th May, 2020 |

I really love the Great Barn at Aynho, and it is such a gorgeous venue for a winter wedding, so i was obviously thrilled when Megan and Luke booked me for their Christmas wedding. The venue was decorated beautifully by the wonderful The Little Details Company, the florals were stunning too.

There is a room at the Great Barn that you can get ready in, the girls used it this time, there was six bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and of course the bride, and there was plenty of room in there to get ready with me and hair and make up as well. The girls were all a good laugh and as always this time gives me the opportunity to get to know the bridal party a lot more.

The wedding was lovely, their little boy walked down the aisle with his little cousin and nanny, I do love the kids all dressed up, they are so so cute.

The grounds of the Great Barn are really lovely and we had some greenery even in the winter, which was so nice. I managed to smash a glass when taking the large group photo….but lets not talk about that…haha!

The guests were hilarious, the speeches were, well, how can I put this, eye opening?? Soooo funny!! And after a little heavy drinking, that was it, they were all dancing, it was a great way to spend the weekend before Christmas.

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