N + A – Whittlebury Park

28th November, 2019 |

Now, where do I start with this wedding, Neetal and Apurva had a two day wedding, day one was the Hindu ceremony which took place in the Atrium of Whittlebury Park. It was a day full of colour and love. I had Caitlin with me for the weekend and we were in awe of all the colour and celebration. One of my favourite moments from the ceremony was when the bride’s female friends gave her marriage advice by whispering into her ears. There was a lot of giggling and was so sweet.

We still went off around the grounds and took some pictures of the couple on their own, as it was such a busy day, it was really special to do this. It gave Neetal and Apurva a chance to let the celebrations sink in.

Afterwards we headed back for some more traditional elements of the day, before Neetal and Apurva went home.

See the next post for Day two…………..

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