Sarah and Chris’ Vintage Wedding

2nd June, 2016 |

Vintage pink wedding Towcester Northamptonshire

I do love a good wedding, especially when the wedding is full of family and friends that couldn’t be happier for the couple. I was so welcomed by the bride and groom’s family and friends, it was such a pleasure to work with them all. As I arrived at the church there were already on lookers waiting to see the bride arrive.
The wedding took place in a small town in Northamptonshire. There was a quiet buzz around the ceremony as people started to arrive and then the page boys wow’d us with their very cool blue converse trainers to accessorize their suits, they looked brilliant and they were all very excited for the day ahead.

The bride arrived in the bridal car, which was extra special, it belonged to the Bride’s late grandfather and her uncle had spent just over a year renovating it so that Sarah use it for her vintage wedding day. It was an emotional moment to see Sarah get out the car. Her uncle had places an image of her grandfather on the front dash to pay homage to the great man. It was such a beautiful car filled with so many memories.

The evening reception took place at the Hunsbury Barns. The venue was beautifully decorated, there was a giant LOVE in lights on the dance-floor and the tables were delicately adorned with flowers, giving the feel of a vintage wedding. The venue has many little nooks and crannies that make great spots for photographing the couple on their own. Which is great as I often find that the bride and groom feel a lot more relaxed when they know that they are not being watched by their family and friends when I am photographing them on their own. It is nice to go for a little walk and for them to let the events soak in.

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